Diary of our best friends on four paws

litter 2015

Litter 2015

Our puppies were born in the night of the 5th to the 6th of April:
3 males und 6 females

Ludovigo de la Forêt de Garou, 425gr, lives in Finland
Lionel de la Forêt de Garou, 430gr, lives in Switzerland
La Maja de la Forêt de Garou, 474gr, lives in Danmark
Lucienne Rose de la Forêt de Garou, 455gr, lives in the USA
Loki de la Forêt de Garou, 407gr, lives in Germany
Luna de la Forêt de Garou, 444gr, lives in Germany
Lorelei de la Forêt de Garou, 410gr, lives in Finland
Leda de la Forêt de Garou, 479gr, lives in France
Lucy de la Forêt de Garou, 390gr, lives in Finland

dam: Ile Hiiumaa de la Jassette du Cap del Mas
sire: Garou du Clos de la Sapineraie

pedigree of the puppies

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