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Siamesische Zwillinge

Wenn man nichts mehr hört und vor allem sieht, dann spielen die beiden Schelme gerade wieder einen Streich.

Unser Garten hat sich in einen Abenteuerspielplatz für die beiden 5 Monate alten Geschwister verwandelt. Sie sind neugierig und probieren Vieles, sehr Vieles aus.

Rocco from Finland

Let me introduce you Rocco, a son of Toy, who lives in Finland with Sari Nieminen:
– Sirocco de la Vallèe du Mouton, born on 10th december 2003

Sirocco is a already a very successful champion:
FIN & E & IE & PL CH
Finnish Winner 2005 & 2006
Nordic Winner 2005 & 2009
European Junior Winner 2005
European Winner 2006 & 2009
World Winner 2006 & 2010
Estonian Winner 2007
Poland & Poznan Winner 2006

He has done BH test, AHBA HCT ( herding capability test) and Finnish Character Test, where he got exellent result.

Rocco himself is already father of two litters.: first born litter in 2007 ( 5 males+ 4 females) and 2nd litter (2+2) only a few weeks ago.

Thank you Sari for your nice description of your Rocco and for the pics:

“…He has trained to be a search and rescue dog. In everyday life he´s really easygoing. He´s very social with people, but NOT with other dogs. (When he was young one German Shephard tried to kill him).

He´s absolutely one man dog more than other dogs I have had. But he won´t get nervous breakdown even if I´m not there. My working hours my dogs stay with my parents, and he´s really ok with them, too

He has guardian instinct and it´s very strong! Especially when I´m around…. When we are walking and there comes a person whom is behaving strange (like drunk or junkies), he starts to look that person. He does not make a sound but he looks really tight: tail up, head high etc. And You must be absolut idiot if You came too close.  He´s really “telling”: don´t come closer. So it´s really nice to walk with him.

In the woods he always tells me if there´s bears around. He won´t panic but he becomes really aware. (In South-East Finland we have lot´s of bears; Russian border is so close; about 40 km from us).

He doens´t care about rabbits or elks or birds; they can go how ever they want. Rocco don ´t want to chase them at all.

In summertime Rocco loves to swim. That´s his favourite hobby! He can´t resist lakes or sea. Sometimes in winter we go to the Dog Spa, which is only 150 km from us. There he can swim in winter and he loves it.

Obedience is NOT so easy with him; he´s really stubborn! But we have managed to do the BH-test. I have said that in the same amount of time that I trained Rocco´s obedience to BH test level I would have trained 75  German Shephards. He´s not easy piece of cake but who need one?!!!

Rocco is such a character that he really is The Dog of my Life!” – Sari Nieminen –


The Picardy Shepherds (Berger de Picard or Berger Picard) are thought to be the oldest of the French herding dogs, dating back to 800 AD. They are originally from the Picardie region of northeastern France. Intense fighting in the area during both the First and Second World Wars nearly caused the extinction of the breed, by killing so many reproductive problems, further complicated the problem.


Dino braucht wohl mal eine neue, größere Hundebox, eine für große, ausgewachsene Berger Picard’s. Die da ist von Petmate und gefällt uns sehr gut, mal schauen ob es da ein großes Modell gibt:


Berger Picard’s waren mal Hofhunde? Das muß aber lang her gewesen sein.

Am Würzjoch – erster Schnee

Verena hat ja schon über unseren ersten Ausflug im Schnee diesen Herbst gestern geschrieben. Ich fahre jedes Jahr, sobald es mal runterschneit hinauf, damit wir alle den ersten Schnee genießen können.

Noch ein paar Fotos von diesem Ausflug von letztem Samstag:

Der erste Schnee

Letzten Samstag waren wir mit unseren beiden Berger Picards Morty und Dino sowie mit Dino’s Schwester Bengale auf Entdeckungstour im Schnee und sind bis zum Würzjoch hinaufgefahren. Vorgezogener Winter schon im September. Die erste Begegnung mit dem Schnee ließ die Welpen allerdings unbeeindruckt.


So ist es richtig.


Auf der Bank

Wo sonst?  Bei Salern.



Dino & Schwester Bengal


Home sweet home

Ieri sera siamo tornati a casa da una bellissima vacanza con i nostri due amici a quattro zampe Morty e Dino – due pastori della Piccardia o berger picard – dalla Toscana, più precisamente dalla Maremma, passando da Castiglione della Pescaia, Cala Civetta, Bolgheri e Lazise sul Lago di Garda.

Siamo stati ospiti di Matteo e Carolina nel loro stupendo agriturismo “Poggio Diavolino” presso Vetulonia e Castiglione della Pescaia, provincia di Grosseto.

L’unico ad essere contento di essere tornato a casa è Dino che ha trovato di nuovo i suoi giochi, i suoi peluche e i suoi tre gatti Chucky, Rocky e Sookie.

Speriamo di poter ritornare a Poggio Diavolino prestissimo. Già ci mancano le bellissime spiaggie di Principina a Mare, Marina di Grosseto, la città Castiglione e molto altro.

Però prima aspettiamo Matteo e Carolina qui da noi in montagna quest’ inverno per andare a slittare con i cani.